Automobile Benefits calculator

webTOD Automobile Benefits Calculator

webTOD ABC is a free-to-use, online Canadian Automobile Benefits calculator.
Use webTOD ABC to calculate the taxable benefit to be included on an employee's or shareholder's T4 for use of an employer or company-supplied automobile during the year.
  • webTOD ABC calculates the taxable benefit resulting from an employee's or shareholder's use of an employer or company-supplied automobile during the year.  The calculated taxable benefit is required to be reported in an employee or shareholder's T4 from the employer/company.

  • You can use webTOD ABC as an alternative to the Automobile Benefits Online Calculator provided by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  It's free, it's easy, it's quick and it's accurate.  To use the calculator, simply click on the green start arrow icon, or the 'Start Calculator' link.

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