We're focused on our relationships with our customers.

We want to ensure that our customers receive the best support and service possible, so we are always on the lookout for new tools to help improve our customer's experience...


Zendesk-powered Customer Service

To provide our customer support, we use Zendesk, an industry-leading cloud-based support system. Through our Zendesk portal, our customers can submit questions and support requests, search for answers to common questions, and submit suggestions to help us improve our products and services.


LogMeInRescue - Connect. Diagnose. Solve.

We also use LogMeInRescue, a powerful remote support tool that allows us to view our customer's desktops and assist them in troubleshooting specific problems, no matter what device they are using with our products or services.  Using LogMeInRescue, we can support PC's, Macs and mobile devices securely over the Web, from anywhere, no matter how far away our customer is.


MailChimp - Send Better Email

We like to keep our customers updated on all the news and information related to our products, so we use MailChimp to enable our customers to subscribe to our email lists for each of our products.  Don't worry - we won't ever sell or provide your email address to third parties, or use it to send you emails that you don't want.  We only send out emails when there is information about our product that you have told us you are interested in keeping up-to-date about.  You can un-subscribe from our email lists at any time - we won't hold it against you ;)


To access our Zendesk Customer Support portal, click Here.

To start a live support connection with one of our Customer Service representatives using the LogMeIn Rescue portal -  click Here.  (This is only for our ELF customers that have already been provided with a six-digit remote support session ID)

To subscribe to one of our email lists, click Here.