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Enterprise Labour Framework (ELF) Temporary Labour Management, Payroll & Billing System is a cloud-hosted human resource management, payroll and billing application for the temporary labour industry.

The application was designed from the ground up as a complete front-office to back-office solution for temporary labour providers.  As a web-based application, it can be easily and quickly deployed to any location with an Internet connection and desktop computer(s) running a web browser.  The application is cross-browser compatible, so it will run on any device capable of running a modern web browser, including mobile tablets (iOS, Android or Microsoft).  The application includes functionality to manage customers, customer job sites, and employees/workers; create Work Orders for dispatching workers to customer job sites, create timesheets on Work Orders, enter dates, assign workers and services/tasks for each timesheet record, assign pay rates and bill rates, and enter time units to be paid/billed for each timesheet record on a Work Order, and then handle the payroll process for workers based on timesheets and the billing process for customer job sites based on completed Work Orders.  The payroll payment process can be configured with multiple payment methods, including printed cheques, direct deposits, and payroll cash cards.


  • No Software:

    • No client software installation required; a browser-based client interface allows for rapid deployment to large numbers of users in multiple branches.
    • No server software installation required; we provide fully-hosted and managed services using highly available and scalable Amazon AWS cloud servers and services.
  • Flexibility:

    • Single branch or unlimited multiple branch configurations; 
    • Default pay rates and billing rates configurable by task/service, customer, and/or employee/worker.
    • Flexible pay period configuration supports all pay period types, including daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payrolls.
    • Multiple payroll payment methods supported, including customized printed cheques, direct deposits to employee bank accounts, and payroll "cash cards" (prepaid credit cards).
    • Configurable Statutory Holiday Pay Wizard automatically calculates required statutory holiday pay for all Canadian provinces.
    • Configurable default daily and weekly overtime rules for automatic overtime calculations, with optional customized rules for individual customers.
    • Pay employees one at-a-time or use the Payroll Wizard to generate batch payrolls for hundreds of employees at once!
    • Multiple pay rates and billing rates, by employee, customer or task/service.
  • Scalability

    • Single branch or unlimited multiple branches.
    • Capable of processing thousands of daily payrolls per branch.
  • Reliability

    • Benefit from reliability of enterprise-grade large-scale AWS cloud services.
    • 99.9% guaranteed up-time service levels.
  • Security

    • Benefit from security of enterprise-grade large-scale AWS cloud services and infrastructure.
    • Role-based user access allows for fine-grained user permissions to application data and processes.
    • SSL-encrypted access.
    • IP address access restrictions.
  • Customized for Temporary Labour businesses:

    • is a custom product for the temporary labour industry - it's features were created specifically for this industry, and not as a generic payroll and HR management system.
  • Automate common HR tasks:

    • Year-end T4 reporting includes production of printed and/or electronic employee copies of T4s, and electronic filing of T4s and T4 Summary with CRA.
    • ROE Wizard automatically generates electronic file(s) for terminated employees compatible for uploading and electronic filing to Service Canada ROE Web service.
  • Full Accounts Receivable system:

    • Invoicing
    • Credit notes
    • Customer payment receipts
    • Adjustments
    • Credit limits
    • COD accounts
    • Credit card processing
    • Aged A/R reporting

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