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Starting at only $295.00* per month. pricing starts at just $295.00* per month for a single branch location**.  Setup fees are minimal, and there is no required upfront investment in server hardware or software - the only requirement is a PC with Internet access and a modern web browser.  Your temporary labour business can be up and running on in a day.  Online user support services (email and chat) are included with your monthly fee***, and has context sensitive help features that make it easy to learn and operate quickly and efficiently.


Please contact us to arrange for an online demonstration of and a quote on your temporary labour business requirements.


* Fees are CAD$ for Canadian customers.  For US customers, please contact us.

** Pricing is based on the number of branch locations and the transaction processing volume at each branch location.  Transaction processing volume is measured by the total number of customer transactions, including Work Orders, Invoices, and Customer Payment Receipts, plus the total number of employee transactions, including Cash Advances, Equipment Loans, Equipment Sales, Payrolls, Stat Holiday Pay entitlements, and ROEs.

*** Priority telephone support is available for an additional annual fee.