ELF2.0 Screenshots 2.0 sample screenshots below present some of the product's unique functionality available to temporary labour businesses.

  • Modules
  • Customers
  • Employees/Workers
  • Work Orders
  • Payroll
  • Billing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Reports
  • Other Features

Dashboard Module

Dashboard th

Customers & Sales Module

CustomersSales th

Employees & Payroll Module

EmployeesPayroll th

Inventory & Services Module

InventoryServices th

Banking Module

Banking th

Administration Module

Administration th

System Module

System th
E2 Customer 01 th

Customer Profile - Add/Edit

Create and edit customer records.

E2 Customer 02 th

Customer Listing

View and manage an unlimited number of customer records, sorted alphabetically by name.

E2 Customer 03 th

Customer Job Sites - Add/Edit

Add multiple job site records for each customer.

E2 Customer 04 th

Customer Job Site Listing

View and manage thousands of customer job site records, sorted alphabetically by name.

E2 Customer 05 th

Customer Rates - Add/Edit/Delete

Add and edit customer-specific pay rates and billing rates for each type of service/task.

E2 Customer 06 th

Customer Overtime Rules

Establish customer-specific overtime rules for payroll and/or billing.

E2 Employee 01 th

Worker Profile - Add/Edit

Create a new Worker or Edit existing Worker records.

E2 Employee 02 th

Worker Listing

Manage thousands of worker records, sorted alphabetically by last name

E2 Employee 03 th

ROE Wizard

Automatically create electronic ROE records for submission to ROEweb system of Services Canada.


Worker Restrictions

Restrict workers from specific or all customer job sites - ensuring only your best workers are dispatched to key customers.

E2 Employee 05 th

Worker Restrictions listing

View and manage worker restriction records easily.

E2 Employee 06 th

Worker Certification listing

View and manage worker certifications.

E2 WorkOrder 01 th

Create/Edit Work Orders

Create and edit Work Order records for customer job sites.

E2 WorkOrder 02 th

Add Worker Timesheet records to Work Order

Timesheet records track task-specific services, time charges, pay & billing rates.

E2 WorkOrder 03 th

Worker Cash Advances

Record worker cash advance transactions, deductible from subsequent employee payroll payments.

E2 WorkOrder 04 th

Equipment Loans

Record equipment loans to workers, then update equipment return status or convert to an employee sale to be deducted from payroll.

E2 WorkOrder 05 th

Overtime Override

Automatic overtime calculations can be overridden on a case-by-case basis.

E2 Payroll 01 th

Paying a Worker

Payroll timesheet hours, stat pay, deductions for each employee.

E2 Payroll 02 thpng

Payroll Wizard

Generate batch payrolls for hundreds of workers at a time.

E2 Payroll 03 th

Payroll Transactions Form

View net pay, vacation pay, and deductions for each employee.

E2 Payroll 04 th

Payroll History

View and track payroll transaction records.

E2 Payroll 05 th

Statutory Pay Wizard

Generate batch statutory holiday payments for hundreds of workers at a time.

E2 Payroll 06 th

Payroll Summary

View daily payroll summary information.

E2 Payroll 07 th

Payroll Deductions listing

View payroll deductions by deduction type.


Payroll Tax Remittance Summary

View required payroll tax remittances to CRA.

E2 Payroll 09 th

Wages Payable Listing

View net wages payable amounts to employees.

E2 Billing 01 th

Invoice Wizard

Generate batches of invoices for customers quickly and easily.

E2 Billing 02 th

Invoice Transactions form

View service lines, disbursements, and payments made on each invoice.

E2 Billing 03 th

Invoice History

View invoice transaction record history by date.

E2 AR 01 th

Aged A/R Detail

Shows unpaid invoices and unapplied credits.

E2 AR 02 th

Aged A/R Summary

Shows net receivable amount for each customer.

E2 AR 03 th

Customer Payments

Enter and post customer payments, applied against unpaid invoice balances and/or account deposit credit.

E2 AR 04 th

Customer Payments History listing

Displays history of customer payment transaction records.

E2 Reports 01 th

Worker Hire Listing


E2 Reports 02 th

Worker Activity Report


E2 Reports 03 th

Margin Analysis Report


E2 Reports 04 th

Timesheet History

View all or individual branch timesheet records for thousands of worker.

E2 Reports 05 th

Hours by category summary

View worker hours by summarized categories.

E2 Reports 06 th

Hours by category detail

View worker hours by category and service.

E2 Reports 07 th

Hours detail

View individual hours for thousands of workers.

E2 Other 01 th

Cheque reconciliation

The cheque reconciliation form allows users to reconcile cheques to bank statements.

E2 Other 02 th

User management

View and manage user details.

E2 Other 03 th

Role management

View and manage user roles.

E2 Other 04 th

Worker Certification Types Listing

View and manage worker certification types.